You want to know something about me?

But you only have a minute?

Then I will briefly tell you the most important things:
I was born in Wolfsberg, Carinthia. In 1988 I moved to Vienna to study medicine at the University of Vienna and sculpting from Prof. Karl Sukopp. After the completion of various training programs, inter alia, training as a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy at the University Hospital of Ulm / Germany, and several months and years of traveling around the world, I moved back to Austria in 2004 where I fulfilled my lifelong dream: I live with my husband and two children in a 140 year old farm (we have a cat and 4 chickens, but no dog J)where I have my own large studio. In Klagenfurt I have my own child and adolescent psychiatric and psychotherapeutic practice.

You have more time ?

You want to know more?

When I began to study medicine  my main motivation was for my curiosity. I wanted to know the human by heart. Grasp him in his entirety. From the smallest histological detail to the biggest physiological contexts. From the gross matter up to the question: What more is there? Soul? Spirit? How are they connected to the body? How do they interact with each other? What do humans think, love, feel, hate, experience? What influences them? What moves them?

Thus , the step to psychosomatic medicine and then further to psychiatry and finally to psychotherapy was not far .
But there was still another question inside of me:


What do I do with everything I know, see, hear, experience and feel?

The answer came during my sleep : I dreamed sculptures!

Many years of medical and artistic training followed until I finally reached my dream :
Own studio, own practice and the freedom and possibility of connecting art and medicine.
My goal in art, as well as in my medical practice is, though by different means, one and the same:

Attention, balance and the promotion of healing!

I invite you to take some time while looking at my art and afterwards I would like you to decide for yourself whether you assign my sculptures to art or to therapy or to both.