"Everything ". The first word that Kevin knew. Well knew. For he had "everything". He always had.
He possessed every imaginable toy .... and still he was sad, because what he really wanted was denied. The people who believed to spoil him, but actually ran maim him, mentally , socially , his parents . They loved him, no question, but they did not have time for him and they could not buy him time ...



They bought him everything he wanted and, like his friends, he now began his life on a virtual basis. He played Nintendo, watched television and stuffed with chips and candy ... and was getting fatter ...





Habit for him was to have everything. If this request was not satisfied by his life, the 

anger, the despair came and its already existing hyperactivity and impulsivity were getting stronger.



The others, the classmates, the teacher did not accept him. They did not like the way he was. He was too exhausting, too loud. He provoked in anywhere. Nobody liked him. He was alone - all alone - an outsider.



Repudiation of the real world, he began to retreat . Back to the world he had known from childhood , the accepted and praised him - where he was good. The Virtual . The computer



Kevin was older, more mature. He began to rethink his life. As we all did it at some point or do - be . He began to realize what had happened. Slowly. Steadily.



He realized that he closed the real world and the virtual had opened alone. As a prisoner. He had his eyes, ears and mouth closed in order to protect themselves from the challenges of life.



But now he was getting at. He was strong, Kevin.
And so he got up, stood up. Liberated from his virtual prison and did what he always 

wanted - deep inside him .
He began to go his own way !